Privacy policy

1. Collect information

  • When you register at our site, we collect personal information such as your name, email address, gender, country, and city. The information you provide so that we can easily contact you and use it to send the necessary information.
  • We always respect your privacy and will never provide personal information to third parties (companies, organizations). You can request the deletion of information related to you at any time.

2. Cookies on Tech24h

  • Websites use cookies for collecting information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the site. Personal information such as name, email address, gender, country, city, we do not store through the cookie file on the system.

3. Commit to data security

  • Your personal account information is always kept secure. Only authorized personnel can access this information. All emails and newsletters from this site have the option to opt out of incoming mail.
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy by including the information you provide through your Facebook connection, email address, and so on. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your security.

4. Security when you connect to Facebook

Our website uses the Facebook Graph API provided by (based in Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA) to exchange Page, Photo, Profile, List, Post, and Status among members.

  1. The information we collect when connecting to Facebook:
    • When you connect to Facebook, we collect basic information such as your name, gender, city, friend list. We may collect additional information such as
      • Information about your photos or friends if you want to use Facebook Photo Profile.
      • Your status or friends if you want to use the Facebook Post Profile.
    • We DO NOT use the App to post spam on your wall or to like other sites and DO NOT ask for or store unrelated information about how Tech24h works.
    • We only collect the information when we have the consent of the individual to serve the exchange requests of members.
  2. Store information when connecting:
    • When you connect, we only store the following information in the database: Facebook ID, username, email, access token. Information on pictures, post, what you like, etc .. we do not store into the system.
    • If you do not want to use our service anymore and want to disable access token, you can delete App Tech24h on Facebook. Access token will immediately disable.
  3. Purpose of data use:
    • All the data from Facebook is for the social networking process between members or members make money.
  4. Commitment to data privacy Facebook:
    • We are committed to protecting your data when connecting to Facebook, not to any company or organization. Tech24h does not affect your data and is completely safe for users.
    • When you visit a fanpage from our site through the exchange Facebook module at Coins Earnings System, your browser will establish a direct connection to the Facebook server. Facebook displays content directly to your browser, allowing you to receive information about you when accessing the corresponding features. So we do not affect your data and do not store your account information on our system. The plugin module works only on the feedback system from Facebook.

3. Where we need to get your personal information

  • When the law allows and requests.
  • When used to prevent and investigate hackers related to your money matters, property or related to you.