10 movies you should definitely see if the FAN of the genre travel time “hack the brain”

10 movies you should definitely see if the FAN of the genre travel time “hack the brain”
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 Time travel / science fiction films often bring a very hard feeling to the viewer. The first is curiosity, then the audience must be calculated, thinking about the time line. Some movies also bring … fear because the circumstances are too fuzzy.If you love this film, you should definitely look through the following works:

1. Men in Black 3

When director Barry Sonnefeld directed the production of Men in Black 3, the series was 15 years old. Although part 2 of the series was not as successful as the first, however, the third came back and brought a new breath to the series.

Agent J (Will Smith) in Part 3 will travel time back to the past to prevent aliens killed Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones / Josh Brolin). Although there are still many gritty, but with the fun, humorous, superhero drama of the actors, you definitely should not miss Men in Black 3.

2. Frequency

The film is set when a solar storm causes John Sullivan to contact his deceased father nearly 30 years ago. Although the scientific elements are a bit superficial, this movie is worth watching! Frequency can be considered as the premise for a series of fantasy films of the time.

3. Timescrimes

A movie with super low production costs but do not ignore it anyway. This is a Spanish-style work of storytelling about a small time travel event (multiple travel copies of a great cause). then created 92 minutes super thrilling and attractive. Viewers will be stripped of one secret after another and so on, revealing the final answer of the whole movie.

Source Code

The film about Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) recreates the scene of a massacre and tries to stop it, not traveling the time but in a simulation program, and finally the miracle happened. with him.

5. Predestination

Based on Robert Heinlein’s science-fiction novel, Predestination is a pure “travel time” movie that will give you headaches! Talk about many but turns out to be just one person! With excellent acting by Ethan Hawke and a good script, this is a work that will make you have to watch over and over to understand it!

6. Looper

Set in the future, when travel time has been invented and banned, criminal organizations use it to penetrate and assassinate the object. But at the same time, the killer must kill … the future in itself. From then on everything started!

7. Insterstellar

The combination of science fiction and travel time has brought success once again to Christopher Nolan. In the film, a scientist has to leave Earth to seek life, and then, with the help of his “future”, he communicates with his daughter at Earth through a copper Lake in the past to save all mankind.

8. Triangle

This movie is a little horror, you should be prepared spirit when watching. Not by the horrible images, but by the horrible thoughts of the time loop caused to the mother as she boarded the ship without a shadow. Many hidden in the movie was revealed more, many viewers also said, they have to go back and watch the Triangle several times to understand all about the film although very … afraid.

9. Edge of Tomorrow

Based on Japan’s “All You Need Is Kill” novel, Edge of Tomorrow is about a soldier who has fallen into a time loop created by monsters invading the Earth. The film was a big hit when it debuted by the smooth transition, from the film.

10. To

Still taking the alien factor, however, Arrival has a very different approach. Through language, the scientist obtained confidential information from her in the future … from which to save the world from a war. The film is not heavy but very gentle, human, look as soon as possible!

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