Delete Facebook account permanently, to Mark Zuckerberg also can not open again

Delete Facebook account permanently, to Mark Zuckerberg also can not open again
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deletion facebook is simple, it’s not as hard as you think!

Facebook is scandalous to disclose user information of more than 50 million accounts. Many users in the US and around the world are becoming distrustful of the facebook, they have put together a boycott of facebook with the #DeleteFacebook hashtag becoming popular on Twitter and other social networks.

If you want to remove the facebbook and decide to go in the “Delete Facebook” of many people on the drill then hurry. Let’s go explore the industry related issues when removing Facebook to make the most reasonable decision.

There are 2 options:

  • Deacitivate(disable):
    Deactivate is a temporary account disable function, which means you can access and re-open account at any time. Any search information about you will disappear and no results will appear on this social network. However, data about them is still stored there, not lost. Just re-activate your account – by signing in again – everything is restored.
  • permanently give up your Facebook account(delete completely)
    Delete is completely different. True to its meaning, everything will be wiped out of Facebook, without the ability to get back. There will be a small “standby” waiting time in case you suddenly want to cancel your intent – just log in as soon as possible, but the expiration date is what you probably understand. The maximum backup time is 90 days, depending on your settings, and people will not find you on Facebook at the time of deletion.

    Learn how to completely delete your Facebook account

It’s not as hard as you think. Just follow these steps

Option 1: Just 4 steps: Settings > General > Manage Account > Request Account Deletion. (see details below)

After going to Settings> General, find the Manage Account section and select “Edit”.
This dialog box will pop up with a “Request Account Deletion” option.

Option 2: Click this link and confirm that is done! This is a shortened address, which leads you straight to the confirmation page to delete your Facebook account immediately.

“Back door” to restore your account even after deletion

There is a feature that allows you to download a full copy of Facebook’s personal profile. It’s like a pair of documents copying everything and saving on its own memory, so that later it can retrieve and ” just as if you had deleted your account if you wanted to restore it.

Steps to access: Very simple, just go to Settings > General > Select “Download a copy of your Facebook data” will appear immediately on the list.

download this profile

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