“Delete Facebook” is a keyword that is heavily searched on Google

“Delete Facebook” is a keyword that is heavily searched on Google
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Facebook’s scandal has not been small, until now, Google has discovered: Extreme access has fallen to the same search question – “how to delete Facebook account.”

In more detail, the net search keyword rate for “delete Facebook” hit the top this week, when everything went haywire and Mark Zuckerberg officially acknowledged his work. According to information from Google Trends collected in the US Internet community, the word “delete Facebook” has been searched continuously to astounding, reaching the record level in the last 5 years back here.

“delete Facebook” is the keyword with the highest popularity rate of 100%, the highest in a long time back here.

However, Google Trends is still a tool for measuring the attractiveness of one aspect, not exactly the exact number of searches. But Google Adwords can be statistically. Since February, searches for “delete Facebook” have scattered nearly 1 million visitors a month in the United States and scattered across the globe. That is not to mention other search expressions like “how to delete Facebook” (how to delete Facebook) for example.

And of course, if you want to delete your facebook account, please refer to the below article of Tech24h Very easy and fast (We will update soon).

In fact, the keywords on how to delete Facebook has always been looking up to date, but the shocking incident related to Facebook has become a powerful lever that surfaced this wave. By the end of 2017, Facebook’s first drop in users since its inception, and now again entangled in this big scandal, do not know exactly what the consequences will be, but it certainly is not easy to defuse the scandal.

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