Facebook is listening in your conversation? Cambridge Analytica whistleblower thinks

Facebook is listening in your conversation? Cambridge Analytica whistleblower thinks
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Facebook may be listening from your smartphone to determine your location for targeted advertising, according to a computer expert who caused a debate about Cambridge Analytica.

Chris Wylie, an expert, has accused Facebook of illegally exploiting user data to help Donald Trump claim that Facebook and other smartphone apps may try to find the user’s environment to “improve” improve the contextual value of the ad. “

Damian Collins, chairman of the committee and a member of the congress, asked Wylie whether the Facebook application might have heard what the user was saying for the targeted ads.

Wylie replied, “That’s probably a question for Facebook.”

Chris Wylie, a computer expert, has accused Facebook of using inappropriate data to protect President Donald Trump’s worth, saying that Facebook and other smartphone apps could find out of the environment. the user to customize the ad. (AP, File)

Wylie said: “It seems useful on the face, you are in the office environment, you stay, watch TV, what are you doing now?” Wylie said.

Facebook did not immediately respond to Fox News comment requirements.

Facebook users have long seen advertisements in their feeds after referring to a passing product.

The 28-year-old Canadian has previously accused Cambridge Analytica of using improperly collected personal data from Facebook users to help Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Wylie also told the House Communications Commission that he believes the violation has exceeded 50 million Facebook users previously reported. Cambridge Analytica said that no Facebook data was used in his work on the Trump campaign. It has rejected all wrongdoings. The company’s CEO, Alexander Tayler, said in a statement that Wylie was a part-time contractor who “had no direct knowledge of our work or practice” since he left company in 2014. Associated Press contributed to this report.

New evidence Facebook is spying on you at home and at work

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