Hide Domain Name in Namecheap Will free Lifetime

hide domain names in Namecheap
Hide Domain Name in Namecheap Will free Lifetime
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hide domain name in namecheap will free Lifetime.

Recently, we do not understand why, NameCheap provides us with free domain name information lifetime.

Previously, you would have to pay the cost of registering domain name registration information at $2.88 per year, free first year. When used on coupons shared on the forum, the price dropped quite cheap, only $0.99 / year.

Want to hide information not visible to others? now hide domain name in namechep free lifetime.

The good news is that now everything is free, no coupon needed anymore! Surprised no? : D . When you register your domain name, ICANN requires all registrars to provide contact information (including name, email, address and telephone number) to add to the Whois database. All this information is attached to the domain name and is publicly available on the internet, anyone can view it.

Namecheap’s WhoisGuard will hide this sensitive information from spammers, advertising companies, worse yet, fraudulent companies and display only generic, non-valuable information.

About free domain name information service is a lot of readers on Tech24h NameSilo trust, now we have a trusted provider again. The new registration fee as well as maintenance of domain names in Namecheap is quite cheap, especially consecutive promotions are most attractive. hide domain name in Namecheap lifetime.

Let’s Go! 😀

Quickly activate Namecheap does at here?

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