How to install localhost on computer with Xampp

how to install Xamp on computer
How to install localhost on computer with Xampp
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What is Localhost?

Localhost is the compound word for “local” and “host”. Translate in the IT sense is your computer, Host in the sense that IT is the server. So localhost means a server running on your computer.

Localhost includes many applications that come together and all of these applications will work together to create an environment where you can run WordPress source code on your own computer including:

  • Webserver software named Apache, this is the most popular webserver.
  • PHP software for handling PHP code because WordPress is written in PHP language.
  • MySQL Server software for storing and processing databases, since WordPress uses MySQL as the database platform. Database is usually written in English as database.
  • PHPMyAdmin software for viewing and managing MySQL databases.

Thus, in comparison to the basic requirements of a WordPress website, localhost has completely met.

How does Localhost work?

Once installed Localhost on your computer, then your computer has a Webserver software to run the website application with address is This is the localhost IP address, and you can also run localhost with http: // localhost.

Normally, when installing Localhost, whenever you need to use, you will need to open the localhost control panel and enable it to launch the included applications.

Note before installation localhost on computer:

  • Delete all applications related to localhost
  • Turn off the firewall
  • Disable UAC on Windows

To install Localhost we have many ways and software, but if you are new then we encourage you to use the XAMPP software to install localhost because:

  1. XAMPP is free.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Supports popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

However, in this article I only guide the Windows operating system.

To download XAMPP, first go to and select the XAMPP version that matches the operating system of the computer you are using, and you should select the version. PHP 5.4.31. Note that XAMPP is only available for 32bit OS but 64bit still works.

Xampp for windows
Xampp for windows

After downloading the installation file, run it, then select Next.

Next Xampp

In the path selection, select the path to save the settings of XAMPP. Note that this path must be remembered because when you install the web onto localhost, you must access this directory. You should leave the default is c: \ xampp. Click Next.

And Next

On the next page, uncheck the “Learn more about Bitnami for XAMPP” section. And click Next 2 again to start the XAMPP installation process.


After installation, press the Finish button to finish installing and open the XAMPP control panel. However, please restart your computer after installation is complete to avoid failure to start localhost.

Start Localhost Now go to the directory c: \ xampp and open the xampp-panel.exe file to open the XAMPP control panel.

finish install xamp

You will notice that two Apache and MySQL applications have the Start button, which is a sign that these two applications have not started, click the Start button of each application to start the Apache and MySQL Server server running. be localhost.

If both applications turn blue as shown below, the boot is successful.

Successful install

After booting up, go to the website http: // localhost and it will display the XAMPP demo page as shown below.

localhost for xamp
localhost for xamp

So I have instructed you to install XAMPP as a server on your computer. Later on we will guide the installation and create DataBase


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