How to Watch The 2018 World Cup Online

how to watcha 2018 worldcup online
How to Watch The 2018 World Cup Online
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How to Watch The 2018 World Cup Online

The biggest sporting event in the world is about to begin. 10h00 June 14. FIFA World Cup held in Russia. If you want to watch world cup live online without license or cable for TV, then Tech24h will guide you how to watch world cup 2018 free. Below I will guide you in the US, UK, and Canada, and other countries.

Whether you are traveling from your own country or just living in a place with world cup restrictions, if you want to watch it online, the solution here is to give away a large amount of money. But below I will guide you through the limitations of always using VPN, which means you can be in other countries, even though you are actually at home with your computer. How to watch the 2018 world cup online. Simply put, our choice here is VPN:

how to watch world cup online in USA
how to watch the 2018 world cup online
  • Hide My Ass (HMA) – VPN TOP 1 world over geographic location, I say top 1 sure you also understand how it is right? I will share the free Key for you below.
  • StrongVPN – This VPN is very fast and very useful for ignoring other restrictions.
  • ExpressVPN – This VPN is very fast, easy to use, and friendly to any platform.

Here’s a way to overcome the limitations of moving a VPN server to another country that has access to the website you want to watch World Cup 2018. If it’s still blocked, try another server. Both options offer free trial, HMA I will provide Key for you below.

How to watch World Cup online in USA? Watch World Cup online

There are two right holders for the 2018 World Cup: Fox and Telemundo

how to watch the 2018 world cup online and how to watch world cup online in USA?

Fox and Telemundo are two traditional broadcast networks in the United States. You can watch them for free using an antenna or cable TV, if the signal can be selected in your area. You can also install Plex PVR and watch with your tablet or laptop. However, you can not watch every world cup this way because Fox and Telemundo only broadcast a limited number of games on their free channels.

how to watch the 2018 world cup online
how to watch the 2018 world cup online

If you have cable TV: Use “Fox Sports Go”

If you are a cable subscriber (or have your friend’s cable password) you can watch all of the World Cup games on Fox Sports Go. There are applications for every broadcast channel watching with HD quality. Watch world cup 2018 free.

How to watch the World Cup online via ITV or BBC

watch world cup 2018 free. If you are different from the UK, you will not be able to access, as they are geographically limited. You can use HMA, ExpressVPN or StrongVPN to access the view as long as you choose the UK. As for the BBC it blocks the VPN, so you do often switch servers.

Whether you are in the UK or using VPN, VPS you need to use 1 link below to watch online.

Watch ITV or BBC with the TV Player.

Watch ITV live on iTV site.

Watch the BBC directly using iPlayer (you will need a TV license).

A free-to-air TV stationer, register your account with a valid UK postal code (similar to the U.S. zip code).







These are for 1 year.

(I’ll update the following post by Canada and other countries).


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