Activate Win 10 Permanently

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Activate Win 10 Permanently
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Probably no one is no stranger to Windows 10 and it is considered the most complete and successful ever. It has the highest number of installers ever. After installing Windows the most essential thing is to activate the license for it. But the cost of activation is quite high (about several million vnđ / key) so people are afraid to buy it. Tech24h will guide you to activate the copyright Win 10 permanently and free with KM Spico software .

KM Spico can activate the license for the following windows:

  1. – Windows Vista Bussines / Enterprise
  2. – Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise
  3. – Windows 8 – Windows 8.1
  4. – Acitive Win 10 –
  5. – Office 2010/2013
  6. – Microsoft Word 2016
  7. – Windows Server 2008 / 2008R2
  8. – Windows Server 2012 / 2012R2

You just need to download KM Spico follow the link below:
(There are no viruses at all!)
  • After the download is complete, you unzip the file and right-click  AutoPico.exe  select  Run as Administrator.
  • Let the software run and close after activating windows finish!

Here is a video tutorial!

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