StableHost Coupon March 03 – Discount up to 50% lifetime

StableHost Coupon March 03 – Discount up to 50% lifetime
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Hosting in  StableHost is  not limited to bandwidth, bandwidth, and especially the PRO package without limiting the number of domains. There is always a 50% discount coupon 

StableHost  is one of the  top hosting providers today . With the quality and stability has been affirmed for a long time, I always encourage you to use the hosting service of StableHost.

Next to Phoenix, Chicago, Amsterdam, StableHost has added a  new location in Singapore , for the pace of the Vietnamese hegemony. This server is new hard, so the number of customers is less, stable operation, not overload, you should choose offline.

In particular, when signing up do not forget to use the  50% lifetime hosting coupon  below, discount new registration and renewal later, save the most.

At present, all shared hosting in  StableHost  is  unlimited in size, bandwidth , hard disk drive using  RAID10 SSDLightspeed Web Server  supports direct LS cache at server level, helps to speed up page load, Users are online at the same time than other plug-in caching methods.

The current 3 hosting packages correspond to 3 different user objects. Use  STARTER  if you are new to the web as this package is only for 1 domain. Upgrade to  PRO  you can use  unlimited number of domain names  on the same hosting package and the highest level is  PLATINUM (ENTERPRISE)  for websites with large online access.

Hosting registration in just a few seconds have information, no need to verify nh nh, fast speed, stability when connecting from Vietnam.

Below is a discount coupon for shared hosting packages at StableHost. Fortunately, the Canh Me blog has always been offered StableHost the latest discount codes, the best.

StableHost Coupon March 2018 – 50% off lifetime

A lifetime  coupon is a coupon used when new registrations are made, and extensions are also automatically reduced.

Should choose location  Singapore , will have the fastest speed to Vietnam. From the PRO pack   onwards use unlimited number of domain names, should register this package offline.

5JW0EJ5VCG50% lifetime discount , both new and renewal.

Note only applies to new accounts , when registering for 12 months or more.

ERNQ6Y5GV2Discount 50% of the first bill , renewal full pay as usual.
LOVESTABLEHOST30% discount on the first bill, apply both old and new account.
5DUS3TUO2B30% discount on the first bill, apply both old and new account.
7NAKP1M2C915% off the first invoice, apply both old and new account.


*** Pay with  PayPal  or  Visa / Master card . Should choose PayPal to help verify time.

The price of WEB HOSTING packages after using the  50% lifetime coupon is  as follows:

*** Price applied when hosting a 1 year package, the longer the price will be cheaper. Sign up for 3 years at only $ 1.75 per month.

StableHost supports Litespeed Cache so after ordering, do not forget to apply the  4 tips optimization hosting  you have shared to the website to speed up the wind nhé.

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