WordPress Guide Basic – Action on localhost

WordPress Guide Basic – Action on localhost
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Work with folders and files

Now go to the directory C:\xampp\htdocs\ and create a directory called “Tech24h”, which will contain your website.

As above, I have directed you to create a folder called Tech24h in the htdocs directory and you can use http://localhost/Tech24h to run. So now I can say that the directory C:\xampp\htdocs\Tech24h is the root of the http://localhost/Tech24h domain.

Create a MySQL database (Database)

When referring to a database, you must remember that it consists of three main components:

  1. The username of the database.
  2. The password of the user database.
  3. Database name.

Imagine that the database user is supposed to read and write data to the database, so when using the PHP source code, you must declare both the database user and the database name at the same time.

For localhost, you do not need to create a user for the database that will use the user information as follows:

  • user database: root
  • Password: empty

To create a database, go to localhost with http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Then click the Databases menu.

Localhost wordpress phpmyadmin
Localhost wordpress phpmyadmin

Then in the Create databsae, enter the database name to create the Database name, the Collation you select is utf8_unicode_ci as shown below and press the Create button next.

Finished look at the left hand menu, if it appears the database name just created is successful. So now, we have a database with information like:

  • Database Host: localhost
  • Database user: root
  • Database password: empty
  • Database name: Tech24h

And how to use it, I will say the step of installing WordPress on the localhost for real.

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